Reliquary is a fantasy webcomic.

There’s a new page approximately weekly, barring such catastrophes as amputations, apocalypse, or general creator failure.  If you’d like to know exactly when the updates happen, please subscribe to the RSS feed or the creator’s Twitter, Tumblr, or Google Plus accounts, which will have the added bonus of the rest of her artwork.

Please be advised that, while it is not intended to be an Action Story, Reliquary does contain occasional scenes involving graphic violence and gore, as well as occasional incidental nudity.  Front page updates with such content will have a warning graphic intended to keep readers from immediately seeing it, in deference to the fact that it can cause problems for some people.  Archival updates do not have this warning, however.

Please enjoy this webcomic!

Sooz is some white lady that likes making comics so much that she got a degree in it.  What a weirdo.

Her hobbies include armchair psychology, playing kiddie video games, and reading way too much stuff on the internet. When not doing hobbies or comics, she works as a freelance illustrator. She lives with a husband and a two guinea pigs named the Hudge and Sterrance, all of whom are very cute.

Some White Girl