AlcollaShe used to be an acolyte, then she got smooshed in a cave-in. The physicians fixed her up with some kind of new mystery technique, and now they’re calling her an angel. Then the Conclave found out about her and want her to leave and go to the town Elona and fight the dangerous Demonseeds occupying it. Bummer. Provost YakuvIn charge of making sure Alcolla doesn’t cause irreparable harm to herself or others. (Also in charge of making sure she does not run off in a fit of pique.) Nice, but kind of a milktoast. His arms don’t match. That’s kind of freaky.
HakeldaShe’s a guide for people wanting to travel across the wilderness. Also, she has doggies! She’s also quite handy with that spiked club thing. She has a history with Elona, and probably knows more than anyone about the Demonseeds. Cardinal AmiqsaShe is one of the Big Boss types for the church, sent by the Conclave to check out That Angel Thing.
the minionThe minion is there to follow the Cardinal around and do whatever she says. This is different from everyone else, since they are not required to follow her around. Prior FredakhHe’s the guy in charge of the church in Khadukey, mainly because he knows more than pretty much everyone. Also because he’s good at being in charge. He plays with dead things in his spare time.
ChiruliOne of Alcolla’s friends. She hit her growth spurt before everyone else. Sometimes it seems like she’s a jerk because she likes to provoke people, but she’s very close to her friends. MuutaOne of Alcolla’s friends. She is tiny and cute and thinks everything to do with physicianing is the coolest thing. She sometimes has trouble behaving appropriately because of her strong curiosity.
HarutiOne of Alcolla’s friends. She’s chubby and shy. Out of all the friends, she is the closest to Alcolla, and tends to be a major worrywart. She could probably benefit from some conditioner.