Fan Art

Alcolla and her friends smiling and holding candles

Lovely art by the talented Zakniteh!

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Yakuv, Hakelda, and Alcolla eating pizza improperly

An enjoyable pizza-related outing, by the also talented SQBR

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Alcolla in angel form

A lovely gift from the lovely and talented JL!

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A portrait of Hakelda looking awesome.

Fabulous art of Hakelda lookin’ awesome by Timm Henson!

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Bonus Art

Alcolla stands, in angel form, surrounded by her friends, who look on.

Drawing done during AWA 9

The Preteen Girl Squad dressed as gorgons for Halloween.

Bonus Picture for Halloween ’09

Hakelda in a dress, coat, and hat, walking her dogs.

Hakelda: Dressed in a bizarre foreign outfit!

Alcolla performing ballet in a leotard and tutu with flowery accents.

Alcolla performing some sort of strange ritual in a baffling costume!

Yakuv, wearing only a towel

Please try not to explode from the hotness that is a dishrack in a towel.

Yakuv and Alcolla dressed as Big Daddy and Hit Girl from the movie Kick Ass

This is what happens when Sooz is allowed to watch movies.

A picture of Hakelda and Alcolla in sundresses


Hakelda Halloween Special


Easter 2011

Happy Holiday Our Religion Does Not Celebrate!

Summertime summertime sum- sum- summertime

Hakeldogs getting their Halloween on


Xmas 2011 filler

Professor Layton costume art

Sooz spent too much time playing Professor Layton and the Last Specter


The main cast as various characters from Soul Calibur IV

In which Sooz has been playing too much Soul Calibur IV

Xmas 2013 Filler

Xmas 2013 Filler